A alien animal anthro race called the Kin have come from another world to ours and created a place of their own named Techoon City. Not part of any country, the laws of man don't apply here. This makes it the perfect place of operations for humanity's underground businesses.

On top of that, the societies of magic see the growing use of Kin technology as a threat to their place in the world. A radical anti-Kin group lead by Edina has been causing trouble for Kin police commissioner Riselle and her captain, Teran and their city.

But all that pales in comparison to the world wide threat that Aura, a strange young mage, has seen. She's taken on the responsibility of stopping it but she needs help. Sounds like something the group for hire, Starwind Lagoon, might be interested in.

Main Characters
Dreyc Hawking
Once a vigilante, now an author, but not the kind that writes books. Dreyc travels the world looking for interesting individuals who's situation are adventures waiting to happen. Always drawn to situations way over his head, he drags his group, Starwind Lagoon, along for the ride.
Aura Sarim
A young mage with the ability to project memories. Aura hopes to save the world from catastrophe. She wants to trust others to help her, but so far no one has been up to the task, leaving her to have to do things a little... underhanded.
Edina Vildhund
Some people just want to watch the world burn... not Edina. Otherwise who would be left to entertain her? An ice mage causing an uprising in Techoon City. She leads a radical group unhappy with the Kin occupation of the planet.
Other Characters
Jehc Reed
Every team needs a little muscle and Jehc may bring a little too much of it to the table. Growing up in a poor city in a harsh country, hard work and fighting is all he knows. It's all he really needs to know...
Larein Isvallen
Being the daughter of the head of one of the largest crime syndicates, Larein is essentially a princess of the underworld. After years of trying to cut ties with her family, she left her homeland to escape it all.
Licia Fenris
Ex-Special Forces once a road of vengeance to find her best friends' killers. Sick of what she was becoming, Licia joined Starwind Lagoon for a slightly less violent lifestyle... but only slightly.
Not everyone was welcoming to the Kin inhabiting the planet. Picked up from the streets, Nau is an unfortunate victim of hostility towards his race. But that doesn't seem to hamper his upbeat peculiar personality.
A Kin and police commissioner of Techoon City. Like a deputy of the wild west, she has to keep her city safe from all the underground business that has made it's way in and will never give up on it even it means getting help from... the other guys.
Riselle's second in command. He is fiercely loyal to her and the force for giving him a place to call home despite his rocky upbringing. The result of splicing Human and Kin DNA. Teran is the only one of his kind.